Small Wood Chandelier Goes Anywhere You Do

Small Wood Chandelier Lighting

If you are in the market for accent lighting or just need to brighten up a small space then a small wood chandelier may be for you. Many of the miniature wood chandeliers look just like their full size counterparts while others are scaled down tremendously when it comes to looks and lighting ability. One of the greatest benefits of the smaller version of this stunning lighting fixture is that it can be hung as a swag lamp if you don’t want to install it as a ceiling fixture. This also makes it portable and easy to move.

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Some people use the small wood chandelier in conjunction with other room lighting. Alternatively, you can use multiple minis to light up an entire room. The small version of the full size wood chandelier can look just as elegant or you can choose the type that has more of a subtle presence. The good news is that this light fixture can be used almost anywhere in your home and costs only a fraction of what the full size model does.

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A small wood chandelier is perfect for a breakfast nook, bathroom, hallway, or nursery. You may even want to install or hang one in your bedroom to complement existing lighting. You can also choose how many and what size bulbs you want your chandelier to have. In fact, if you purchase a miniature chandelier and it comes with bulbs that you can’t find or don’t care to use, you can always purchase optional socket converters so that you can use the bulbs you desire.