Small Yet Comfortable Kitchen Corner Nook Set

Kitchen Corner Nook Set Curved

No matter how small or irregular your kitchen is, you have enough space to install a dining room: in the form of a bar, with a table and folding chairs, located in a corner, etc. Inspire yourself in these eleven environments to find the most suitable one. In this case, we opted for a kitchen corner nook setthat is located at a level lower than the work area. A wall covered with painted wood separates the two spaces and serves as a backup to a couple of benches attached to the wall.

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To complete the kitchen corner nook set, stools were chosen at half height that can be hidden under the table and removed from the passage while they are not necessary. It is preferable to choose furniture of reduced size that adapts to the space available. In addition, in the case of kitchens with a narrow floor plan, it is advisable to locate the dining room at the back and to leave the work area clear.

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A proposal designed for small kitchens; In addition, being made with the same material as the countertop, the kitchen corner nook set is integrated. As seats you can choose a pair of folding chairs that are easy to store outside of meal times. Choose a large dining table and, if possible, with drawers; they will come in handy for storing napkins and newspaper tablecloths.