So To Match Living Room Table Lamps

Retro Living Room Table Lamps

Living room table lamps add light and a touch of warmth to any interior lamps available in a variety of styles. You can use them to change the look of a room without making a major renovation. Most lamps come with removable lamp shades that allow for further customization. Matching the shadow lamp will prevent a decorating disaster from incompatible bits.


Use the tape measure to determine the height and diameter of your lamp. The bottom of your lampshade should fall within 2 inches of the height of your lamp. Long, wide lights look best when topped with a wide lampshade. In short, diminutive lamps need small shades to prevent an overwhelmed look. Look at the shape of your lamp. Living room table lamps should complement the overall shape of the lamp. Pairing a horse-shaped novelty lamp with a triangular-shaped pleated shade makes an ugly combination. Plain round or square lights can be paired with peculiarly shaped shades.

Decide whether the lamp should be used as a primary light source or decorative accessory. A lantern used for light should have a simple fabric shade that allows the light to filter through. Living room table lamps used for decoration can be linked to shades of material such as metal or animal hides that can limit light flow. Choose a color that matches not only the lamp itself but the room around it. If you want to add a pop of color to the room, color the pair a neutral lamp with a bright shadow. For example, if your walls and rugs are pale shades of blue, top your black lamp with a light blue hue to complement the room’s existing color.

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