Sofa Table Decor In A Very Simple Way

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Your sofa table decor is the anchor of the living room, makes a design statement and serves as a visual focal point. It is also one of the most prone to clutter in your home. Remote controls, magazines, trinkets, mail … if you have something in your hand when you sit on the couch, it is likely to end up on the sofa table, and “messy.” A simple remedy? Design taking into account your lifestyle. Today we are going to give you ideas on how to decorate a living room table with a lot of style and in a very simple way, cheer up.

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Make a personal design statement showing some of your favorite books or shells from your last family vacation. With a little planning, you can turn that crowded table into a design feature to be proud of. Are you giving enough sofa table decor? After all, we call it the “sofa table”, but do we really drink our sofa there?

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Well, yes, we do, but the sofa table is made for much more.  Beyond unwanted feet, the sofa table decor can host a variety of items, be they some of your favorite books and magazines, paintings, vases or plates, flowers or even coveted trinkets of your adventures around the world.