Stellar Design Lift Top Coffee Table

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Due to its size and because it is the center around which the decoration of one of the most important rooms of our house takes place, choosing our lift top coffee table and sofas with success is very important. Sofas and coffee table have to maintain a proportion between them and between the spaces of our living room. Logically our coffee table has to be smaller than our sofa, but how much smaller? What would be the ideal size of our coffee table?

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We can not say that for each measure of sofa or sofa, there is a measure of lift top coffee table that is indicated or serves as a reference. That of for tastes colors could be applied perfectly here. There are people who like the coffee table are low, high, large, and small and any combination that we can think of between these measures

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Rectangular, round, square, even oval or irregular. The possibilities for our ideal lift top coffee table are many and perhaps a way to begin to narrow our search would be to define its form. For this, we will take into account the arrangement of our sofas, armchairs, or other furniture that we have around our coffee table, such as stools, poufs…