Stone Lantern In Chinese And Japanese Cultures

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Stone Lantern – Consider paper lantern patterns. When you close your eyes and try to visualize them, you will get a picture of a round object or cylinder that glows with light. Maybe it’s colored. Maybe, you see red with a dragon on it, or white with some Japanese or Chinese characters printed on it. While used paper is now popular throughout the world, they were originally an exclusive part of Asian culture. When you draw lanterns on your mind (or when you search for images on Google), you usually see Chinese or Japanese paper lanterns. Let’s look at the origin and evolution of paper lanterns in Chinese and Japanese culture. In China and Japan, patterned paper lanterns were originally used as part of festivals and celebrations. Usually, the use of cross lamps in China is expected to begin with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The festival plans to use stone lantern for hundreds of years. An emperor from the Tang Dynasty built 30 large lantern towers (decorated with gems and precious gems) to celebrate the Autumn Festival in a year. Although it is impossible for people to imitate towers, they build lights from paper as symbols of the tower of light. This tradition survived for a long time, and the use of patterned paper lamps took root in China. Then, this tradition will find fertile land in several other Asian countries adjacent to China. The art of making paper came to Japan through China. During ancient times, paper was believed to have properties that would help drive out evil spirits. The papers were circulated by priests who gave them to several people. After Japan learned the art of making paper, paper lanterns replaced stone lanterns in many celebrations. Shinto Shrine is famous for making paper lanterns in various shapes, sizes and colors. The use of such lamps at the Japanese Lantern Festival sealed their place in Japanese culture.

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Over time, stone lantern have become an important part of the lives of Chinese and Japanese. Most festivals incorporate paper or silk lanterns into celebration ceremonies. Lantern quality increases with time, and several types of lanterns are created. With the appearance of writing and printing, patterned lanterns replace ordinary lights. China comes with a large flashlight with names like Baby Down, Big Red, Magic and Buddhist Gastronomy. Japan created a special type of letter called to decorate lights. It also creates various types of lanterns including world-famous lamps. From time to time, people begin to associate certain types of lanterns for certain types of celebrations. At present, various types of paper-based lanterns are used in China and Japan for various purposes. Not only used during festivals, weddings and other festivals, but also used to illuminate commercial and home places.

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