Striking And Quite Ornate Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier Dining

In its beginnings crystal chandelier, has been an economic level, since a good rock crystal lamp has a higher cost than another type of material. The design of this type of lamps comes from the seventeenth century when they include hanging, decorative elements and begin to change some of the metal elements by glass. We have all seen photographs or visited palaces in which this type of lamps abound in large rooms, halls, etc. and always surprised by their size and opulence.

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In decoration crystal chandelier have been used for a long time in classic, striking and quite ornate environments such as, for example, in rococo decorations. We took time without paying attention to them and without writing anything about them, mainly because in the shops of lamps or lighting they were not considered as a very commercial product, it is more; They were considered lamps with little commercial output.

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However, since a few years ago the resurgence of this type of lamps is being seen in a surprising way, this has a direct relationship with the new uses that are being given to them and the surprising result of the environments in which crystal chandelier are placed, especially if we combine different styles.