Styles For The Modern Floor Lamps

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Modern Floor Lamps – Apart from that, we can differentiate them according to their style: modern, classic, rustic, Tiffany. In this post, we will differentiate them by something that we consider more important. That is their design and possibilities of use. It is possible that more specific groups can be made. But we believe that these 2 styles include practically the majority of floor lamps. The first thing is to ask the following question: What use will I give to my floor lamp? If the answer is like a standing lamp for reading, apart from that we like aesthetically we have to pay attention to it being flexible. And we can orient the light, so we can direct the light where we want.

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On the other hand, if for us the floor lamp is an object of great importance in the decoration of our living room, entrance or hall, the range of possibilities is wide and much. We understand the subjectivity of the “aesthetic factor”, but we must bear in mind that in many occasions the design and the materials that compose it directly influence the environment that creates the lamp. So we must play with materials to take advantage of the decorative effects they can create. For example, the light reflections created by the glass, the warm atmosphere of a fabric screen or the vintage style of metals such as copper.

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