Styles Of The Stiffel Table Lamps

Stiffel Lamps From The 70’s

Stiffel Table Lamps – In the first days of the electric lamp, lamps were made only for utilitarian purposes, and that was to provide light in the dark. There is not much thought of aesthetics put into the design of the lamps. Stiffel Lamps was founded by Ted Stiffel, who set out to make quality lamps that add more than light to the room. Their lamp designs have been pioneers of fashion since they were first made in 1932. Stiffel lamps continue to make these lamps design quality current.

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In the Age of Arts and Crafts, Stiffel produces thick square lamps that are considered collectibles today. The minimalist design of this lamp makes it suitable for almost any decoration. The colors are silent, especially in brown and beige. Lamps Stiffel offers a similar table lamp currently that comes in more decorative, but still muted, colors.

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Precious metal collection of Stiffel offers metal lamps with glass globes as tones. Furthermore, this collection consists of lamps for the floor, a table, and a desk. The frosted glass balloons top some of the lamps. And some others have colored glass curtains. The metal recreates the patina of the company’s older lamps in a grayish or charred weathered look.