Super Useful Stackable Drawers Ikea

Best Stackable Drawers Ikea

Where to buy stackable drawers ikea plastic boxes? Stackable plastic boxes, also called stackable containers, are highly versatile, since depending on the different sizes it is possible to adapt to the different possibilities and needs to transport, under optimal conditions, all types of food and prepared dishes. Hygiene is not the only factor when transporting food. The appearance is also important and the products must reach the stores in perfect condition.

The stackable drawers ikea meet all the packaging, storage, transport and presentation requirements. Manufactured from high density polyethylene PE-HD and PP polypropylene suitable for use in the food industry. Resistant to impacts and scratches, and dimensionally very stable, even when stacked and palletized. Easy to clean thanks to its rounded surfaces. The recessed design of the walls and the base is optimized to transport fresh products. Customizable by the four sides by screen printing.

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Stackable drawers ikea are Available in various colors to achieve a corporate brand image. Plastic boxes and containers for different applications. Sale of plastic boxes, stackable, collapsible, folding and different prices and sizes for automated storage systems, for food, drawers for storage on shelves, for classification of components and other uses. they have boxes made of high quality polypropylene resistant to oils, acids and bases, they are also resistant to a wide range of temperatures.

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