Swing Arm Lamps As Reading Lights

Swing Arm Table Lamp Design

Swing Arm Lamps – Do you enjoy reading before you go to bed? What should you do for lighting? We all know that overhead lighting in the bedroom seems harsh and does not provide an inviting glow. And please do not tell me you use the light attached to the fan! For reading, nothing beats a swing arm lamp.

There are A few things to keep in mind. First, the cheap lamps do not swing well and will not last long, so do not even bother. Invest in a decently priced lamp ($150 and up for a lamp). Dimmer switches or 3-way switches make them even better. The old style of swing arm lamp has a diffuser. It is an acrylic disc that sits at the bottom of the shade. That provides low light that is very satisfying to read by.

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What height should you mount the lamp? You need to keep in mind the overall height of your mattress and the height of the user. Generally, you want the bottom edge of the lamp to be 20 inches above the top of the mattress. Adjust higher or lower for people who are not average height. Jump in bed and have someone hold it at different heights to make sure you get it right.

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