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Sep 22nd
Antique Edison Light Chandelier

How is an edison light fixtures made? After an ordinary object such as a light bulb, an extraordinary story is hidden. Life runs very fast, but if we stop to observe we may find that we are surrounded by objects that we use every day and that we have never asked ourselves how they were created. So now we will review the bulb. Who invented the light bulb? The controversial story…

This curious invention that today is in almost all aspects of our life (in the car, without going any further, you have a few, and in the street you can find them from buildings, lampposts, road safety elements such as traffic lights ) , hides several curiosities, starting with the controversial story of the invention of edison light fixtures bulb. But who invented the incandescent bulb really? It may be difficult to say who the inventor of the bulb…was

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Before the invention of the electric bulb, it can be said that the world lived in darkness. We depended exclusively on edison light fixtures of the sun and fire to light up, for something so important to be able to see. Before the night took over the world and did not return until the next day. That changed with the light bulb, and history suffered one of the most important revolutions with the invention of a simple object.

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