Telescoping Pole Tools For Hanging Ceiling Wire From The Ground

Hanging Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Hanging Ceiling– A suspended ceiling worker can hang more than 600 ceiling cables during the day. Such workers can safely reach the ceiling up to 30 feet with the longest version of this tool. The unique design of the polar eye heads allows a worker to rotate first in an eye lag screw to a wooden beam, and then with the screw secured in place, the ceiling cord is twisted into the screw. Usually, such eye lag screws will hold 150 pounds safely. The “How-to” installation video is available on YouTube.

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In some areas, eye lag screws that have been wrapped with a ceiling are available. These pre-wrapped assemblies are called “Hospital Wraps” because they are required to work in the hospital. Hospital wrappings are used to make cabling hanging ceiling faster and to meet California code for hospitals, prisons, and schools. Setting up the wrapped eyelids requires a special head for the telescopic pole.

This telescope pole tool is designed for industrial applications. Continuous use up to 8 hours a day on unusual job sites, they are usually made of heavy-duty aluminum to keep the weight down. They are supported by a drill with at least a 10mm chuck attached to the bottom of the pole. The whole tool is played with a drill. The operator uses one hand to operate the drill while the other hand controls the pole. That’s the article about hanging ceiling.

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