Texturize Wood Coffered Ceiling

Design Wood Coffered Ceiling

Wood coffered ceiling that is uneven and scarred looks much worse if it is covered in a typical flat white ceiling paint that shows each blemish. The texture roof will hide these flaws while adding a little depth to the surface. The easiest way to texturize is by coating the roof in texture color, which has sand or other solids in it to make it a bit uneven. It is difficult to make multiple layers of texture color, so your primer is tinted with the same color. This way you can cover it in one layer.

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Lay out tarpaulins over the floor. Scratch the wood coffered ceiling with a plaster knife; remove all loose materials and obstacles. Use the plaster blade to spread the joint over cracks, holes or other problem areas in the ceiling, so you start with as flat and smooth surface as possible. Allow the compound according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sand the compound smooth with a drywall grinder.

Coat the wood coffered ceiling with a layer of primer, first “cut in” around the edges of the roof with a brush, and then roll the primer over the rest of the surface with a roller. Allow the primer to dry for six hours, and then use a second layer. Allow to dry overnight. Brush on texture color along one edge of the ceiling. Roll a few square feet of structure paint over the open roof area next to that edge; roll the roll along the edge to make the color look the same. Cover the entire ceiling, one section at a time.

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