The Best Ceiling Fan Chandelier

New Ceiling Fan Chandelier Design

Ceiling fan chandelier – You can turn a ceiling fan into a bright chandelier with a frame created from a recycled lamp shade. Trimmed with beads, found in fabric stores, adds glamour to the lamp and is bought by the yard. By painting the ceiling above the fan the same color as the fan blades, the fan will melt into the ceiling, emphasizing the chandelier. This chandelier is perfect for a bedroom, in a hallway or on the dining table.

Ideas for best ceiling fan chandelier. Remove the dome light cover from the ceiling fan by loosening the fixing screws. Re-screen in the set screws, which leave 1/8 of an inch unscrewed. Remove all the fabric from the screen with the scissors, leaving the wire structure bare. Measure the circumference around each wire circle on the screen with the tape measure. Cut the beads to cut the circle measurements with the scissors. Place the top edge of the bead set to each circle with the hot glue gun, moving slowly, 1 inch at a time.

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Cut the 24 gauge wire in half.  And then attach one end of a wire section around the top screen circle by twisting the wire securely. Place the other section of the cable to the circle on the opposite side, spaced evenly. Turn the free ends of the wire sections around the fixing screws on the ceiling fan chandelier.

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