The Most Popular Ceiling Studs

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Ceiling studs – Along with stone, wood is the oldest building material known, and the most popular, because it has always been cheaper, lighter and more accessible than rocks. Time passes, new materials such as cement and steel emerge, but wood continues to retain its value, both for its strength for beams and columns and its beauty for coating walls, columns or mounting pergolas.

Wood ceiling studs provides warmth that is always welcome. An excellent relationship when you want to build a rustic style terrace. The wood beams are support on thick turn columns. Which give an appearance of solidity in addition to providing the necessary strength for the structure. In addition, it blends very well with the furniture of the garden set and the gravel floor.

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Just as in cold climates, low ceiling studs and thick walls are build. In the warm ones, high ceilings and open spaces are point out. Such as the terrace where the wood beams expand in a radial structure in which a roof has been mount. Which gives a refreshing shade without bothering the solar radiation of summer. In addition, to one side a wood division has been assemble in which various plants are hung, where a practical mini vertical garden is create.

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