The New Design Of Mini Chandelier Lighting

Ceiling Mini Chandelier

The traditional mini chandelier is reinvented with daring designs. It is no longer necessary to have a stately room to bet on one of them. The new models are more versatile – they mix sizes and shapes, they recycle elements from day to day … – and they also adapt to other spaces in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Discover them in this selection!

The new mini chandelier designs have geometric shapes of subtle and fine strokes. If you look for a contemporary look for the bedroom. For the rest of the decoration it resorts to sober elements and neutral colors. Decoratively works decontextualization very well. It resorts to elements that, in appearance, have nothing to do with lighting. In this case, several gramophones have been recovered. In general, interior designers bet more and more on this type of resources that bring personality to the space.

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As we said, the chandeliers are no longer exclusive to the living room, the hall or the bedroom. In this case, a sober luminary changes the aesthetic perception of this kitchen. As an antecedent, mini chandelier go back to the time when the crossed wooden arms with lamps allowed to form a kind of luminaire that, over time, evolved incorporating glass as a material and design element .

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