The Parts Of Tizo Lamps

Unique Tizo Lamps

Tizo lamps are fairly simple furniture, but their effect on a room can be considerable. Not only does a lamp light, but a tasteful design will add some room decor. If you are looking to repair a lamp, or build your own, these are the basic parts of each lamp


Without a light source, it’s just not a lamp. Most tizo lamps use standard 100 watt, 120 volt bulbs. This is not the only style lamp available. Newer low-energy lamps really compact fluorescent lamps that use less energy and last 8 to 15 times as long as a regular light bulb. Halogen lamps also offer improved efficiency and longevity compared to conventional light bulbs. Decorative lamps are often used to add the atmosphere to a room.

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To activate the tizo lamps by closing the circuit, a button is used. This switch can be incorporated into the lamp as an integral part, or it can be separate, mounted in a nearby wall. Look at areas that need special lighting. Take into account all the other fixtures and lamps you plan to use as well. Use only four recessed lights in one bedroom with a pair of wall sconces and other overhead lights, for example.

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