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If something has the Nordic style is that it makes you feel at home. The simple lines, the prominence of the wooden drawer slides and the pastel colors give any room a cozy atmosphere. That’s why a Nordic sideboard is the perfect choice for lovers of warm decoration. Soft colors and functional designs: they are the keys for a Nordic decoration. From the north of Europe, especially from Norway and Sweden, the Nordic style decoration was born.

The harsh winters kept the population at home for a long time, so that the furniture was designed to be very functional and welcoming. This trend has been preserved, creating a unique and very defined style. Wooden drawer slides is the protagonist, due to its insulating property and its warmth, and not only in chairs and tables, but in every piece of furniture in the house. That is why it is not surprising that, when looking for a Nordic sideboard, we find it especially in this material.

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Another characteristic of the Scandinavian furniture is its luminosity, the lack of hours of light led to the designs in light colors to achieve a more luminous atmosphere. To give more life to the room, we can choose a Nordic sideboard with some drawers or doors of colors that, in contrast with wooden drawer slides or light colors, will achieve a vanguard effect and design.

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