Tidy Affordable Acrylic Drawer Organizer

Acrylic Drawer Organizer Compact

Do you have your makeup organized by types and colors, everything in its container? Or do you have it all in a rickety toiletry case in which it costs you horrors to get to the bottom? If you are one of the first, congratulations: these tricks will help you to be even more organized. And if you are of the second, quiet: with these easy ideas and ‘low cost’, you will be the acrylic drawer organizer of the cosmetic world in less than what you think (if you want, of course).

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These transparent boxes allow having all your makeup ordered and visible. You will find them in establishments such as Muji (essential address for fans of order) and are the perfect solution to find everything at the first good morning. Some have compartments for labials, several other acrylic drawer organizer... The possibilities are endless. Do you have a large collection of makeup palettes? Besides giving us a lot of envy, we propose this idea for you to organize: on a wall shelf with a stop.

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If you prefer to have your maquila in a piece of furniture, do not do it in any way: it is best to put dividers in acrylic drawer organizer to have everything at hand. As the capsule cabinet theory, but in cosmetic version. Select a series of essential products for day-to-day use, store them in a vanity case and stick to them to create your daily ‘look’. You will only have to vary the products with each station (or more often, if you wish).