Tip To Cleaning Beaded Chandelier

Unique Beaded Chandelier

Beaded chandelier can bring the elegance and beauty of your home for many years if treated with care. Glass can catch dust easily, so use a lint-free cloth to dust your chandelier in between deep cleansing. Regular cleaning and dust drying can make it easier to maintain maintenance on your chandelier and cut down on cleaning time later


Switch the beaded chandelier off or turn off the power switch to make sure the power is turned off before cleaning. Unscrew incandescent bulbs and put them in a safe place. If this is not possible, carefully cover each lamp with a plastic bag and anchor it in place with a rubber band. Put a towel at the bottom of one side of the sink. Fill the sink with warm water and detergent. Fill the other side of the sink with hot water. Add 1/4 cup of ammonia.

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Remove crystals in small clusters and clean them with a washbasin in the first sink. Rub crystals with a soft cloth, remove all dust. Rinse crystals in the other half of the sink with the ammonia mixture. Wipe them off. Wipe the fixture with a damp cloth before putting on the crystals. Wipe beaded chandelier carefully and let everything dry properly before putting the chandelier back up and turn it on.

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