Tips For Cleaning Magnetic Chandelier Crystals

Feb 17th
White Magnetic Chandelier Crystals
White Magnetic Chandelier Crystals

Magnetic chandelier crystals have to be cleaned periodically, otherwise they quickly lose their shine. The dam makes them look gray and boring. The best thing is to dust them often, and then deep cleaning is sufficient every nine months. Here you will find various tips on how to do and what you can use if you do not want to use expensive and purchased specials that contain mass chemicals.

Either let the magnetic chandelier crystals stay or you take it down. If you choose to leave it hang an umbrella under the crystal crown if the crystals would fall off, it also catches the liquid. Also put towels or newsprint on the floor below. If you remove the lamp, place it on newspaper or towels on the floor where it will stand and dry after spraying it. Put the crown gently in a clockwise movement so that the crystals lie in one direction. Always make sure that the lamp is completely dry before re-attaching it. It may take several days. If you plan to disassemble the chandelier, it is recommended that you first make a chart or mark the pieces so that you know where to sit when assembling again.

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Always start dusting off before. Then you do not get any dust on the cloth when you start the proper cleaning of magnetic chandelier crystals. One common way is to take a crystal at a time and wipe off with a damp sore skin. Or, use a dustbin. If you are using a spray, make sure the power is turned off and avoid spraying on cables and other electrical components. Then let the crystals dry. However, wedged parts may need to be wiped and the larger prisms must be wiped with a soft cloth. The best way to clean a chandelier is to use cotton gloves (available to buy cheap at the pharmacy), preferably white to see how much dirt is released. Rub the crystals with the glove that is dampened and then wipe with the other glove that is dry. Many forget to wipe the bulbs. But they should not be wiped with anything wet because it may cause them to break.

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