Tips Removing Removable Wall Decal Vinyl

Bedroom Removable Wall Decal

Removable Wall Decal – Removing vinyl from the wall is extremely easy if you follow our instructions you can do it in a couple of minutes only, without leaving any trace and without damaging the wall. The first thing is to make sure we have everything we need since we must have a hair dryer (or heat gun, but do not worry that with a common hair dryer will suffice) and with a little patience. So that the process It is done well and without damaging the wall.

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We must start by applying heat on one of the tips or corners of the design, in the case of using a heat gun, we must ensure that the exposure is not too strong or too direct to avoid burning the material. With a hair dryer and from 10 centimeters away, we will notice that after 30 seconds the removable wall decal will have become more flexible and we will be able to start lifting it. This happens because the glue gets hot and loses its adhesion, so it starts to remove the design.

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We continue applying heat to the part that we are removing. Little by little and without believing that as it is not enough. We can hit a pull or do it faster, since it is the most common mistake and how the paint can be damage. If we continue at that pace, in less than 10 minutes (depending on the size of the removable wall decal) we may have removed our design from the wall.