Tips To Build Butcher Block Dining Table

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Butcher block dining table – Making your own dining table is a fun, simple project that can be filled in on a weekend. With a few common household tools and supplies available at any home improvement store, you can create a simple wooden dining table that you can be proud to show up. Building a dining table is a perfect project for a beginner wood worker, because of its simple construction. A table is basically a top, four legs and a structure to support the table in upright position.


Determine the size of the butcher block dining table you want to make. Select your table top first, and unfold it with the bottom up. Measure a square in the middle of the upper to determine the length of the two-times-4 wooden pieces. The 2-by-4 pieces will determine the size of the table legs and corner supports. When you purchase materials, ask for help to double-check the measurements to ensure that everything fits properly.

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Publish all material in your workplace; put them on a tarpaulin to protect the wood while you work. Start by placing your desk top up and setting 2-by-4 pieces into place as you measured them. The square made with wooden pieces will support the butcher block dining table legs and keep the structure stable. The square should be dense and centered inside the table space. Place the wooden pieces on the inside of the upper rail, centered in the center of each rail. Using the drill, screw the wood supports on the desk, then to the rail. Make each board one by one so that you can see a proper fit.

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