Tips To Install Tizio Lamps

Modern Tizio Lamps

Tizio lamps are a unique way to create atmosphere or light when the power goes out. Installing a wick on tizio lamps is slightly different than most oil lamps. The wick is molded at the top to fit around the wick tube that rises up and down. Instead of pointing a wick through a slot, the wick slides on a tube with a clip to secure it in place. Replacement wicks are everywhere where lamps are sold.


Pull the glass ball away from the tizio lamps and put it in a safe place. Pull the front of the gallery onto the top of the power unit away from the lamp. The gallery is the part that holds the lamp globe. Remove the cylindrical flame spreader and wick tube away from the burner assembly. Remove the cylindrical flame spreader and the wick tube away from the burner assembly. Pull the wick raiser clamp that surrounds the tube and wick. Take the old wick on top of the unit with a pair of needle pliers, and pull the wick away from the unit.

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Set the inner wick tube back into the upper center of the burner assembly. The flame spread unit acts as a guide for the wick. The round wick top has a mark on the inside. Slide the wick until the top of the tube is also with the mark. Pull out the paper ends away from the wick and place the wick upright around the wick and wick tube. Tizio lamps to Place the burner unit over. Put the wick end in the lamp socket and screw the burner unit to the base until it is stuck. Place the gallery over the burner unit and place the lamp around the gallery.

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