Tips To Put Medieval Lantern

Traditional Medieval Lantern

Medieval lantern is an attractive complement to all the furnishings. Why not include the old lamp of this century by turning it into an electric table lamp? It will not only look good, but it will also become a very functional light source. You may even have several matching lights that you can convert to customize your home with an old-fashioned feel.


How to put a medieval lantern in a table lamp. First clean the old lamp. Be sure to clean all excess fuel from the fuel tank. Rinse with water and dry. Remove the glass ball. Carefully remove the unit. Make sure that the hole left from the heater is large enough for the bulb socket. If it is not, make it a little bigger with a knife or drill. With a drill or knife, make a hole in the last fuel tank for the cord to rotate. Pull the cord to the top where the bulb will be placed. Attach the cord to the wires on the socket. Attach the connector to the other end of the cord. Screw in the bulb, connect the lamp to an electrical outlet, and be light!

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Tips and warnings

You can buy everything needed in a kit. You can also purchase a cord with a built-in switch to turn on and turn off a medieval lantern. Make sure there is no fuel or fuel vapors in the fuel tank. As with everything electrically, safety first. Keep water and fingers away when the light is switched on.

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