To Make A Lantern Centerpieces From An Old Lamp

Decorative Lanterns For Centerpieces

To make a creative lantern centerpieces, starting with clean the old lantern with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt or spider tissue. A rusty old lantern adds an antique feel to the centerpiece. Choose a candle that fits into the lamp. Such as a column, conical or votive candle, depending on the size of the lamp. Place the light in the lamp.

Set the lantern centerpieces plans in the middle of a wooden or metal tray. Place the tray in the middle of the table you decorate. Next, choose about five to six small glass jars, such as jelly jars. Fill each jar about three quarters full of water and place on the ground evenly around the lamp. You can find jelly jars or small Mason jars in thrift stores or garage sales. Use different size glass for a variety. Cut sunflower early in the morning before the late morning sun can make them wild.

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Cut the rods to approx 3 inches in length or whatever size fits into the jars. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle so they enjoy the water better. Place one or two flowers in each jar depending on the size of the jars and flowers. Cut two pieces of raffia to each jar, approx 8 inches in length. By holding two pieces together, tie the jar close to the top and tie in an arc. Repeat for each jar. And now, your decorative lantern centerpieces were done.

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