To Make The Night Glow Wall Paint For Ceiling

Best Night Glow Wall Paint

Night glow wall paint – Preparation: starting with remove all furniture that you are able to move from the room. As canvas on the remaining furniture in the room and on the floor. Measure 18 inches down from the ceiling. Mark in different points (the walls) around the perimeter of the room. Use the dots to draw a line around the perimeter of the room that is 18 inches from the ceiling. Draw the line freehand if you want to give it a more natural look. Use 1/4 inch paint tape to cover your line on the wall. If you look like a messy painter, add thicker tape in the background. Pour blue night paint on one side of the double sided paint tray. Pour the blue paint on the other side.

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Painting a night glow wall paint

Starting with dip twice the roller in the paint tray. One roller will be covered in the navy, the other at midnight. The roof and even the line of paint tape use short, overlapping strokes. The colors will give depth to the goal. Wait for the roof and the wall to dry. Draw a moon in the corner of the room. Use your paint brushes and paint shines in the dark to fill in the moon drawing.

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Optional additions for night glow wall paint

Use a large brush to remove the paint shining in the dark on the ceiling. This will give you the appearance of stars. Use a small brush to take advantage of circles of different sizes (no larger than a dime) in the star mural. Purchase a glow in the dark stars sticker set and put mural stickers. Buy a glow kit in the dark with plastic star shapes; Use adhesive putty to apply for the mural.