Torch Lamps For Vaulted Ceiling On Basement

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Torch Lamps – Basement with vaulted ceilings are a quick selling point in a house thanks to the feeling of spaciousness it provides. Lighting a room with vaulted ceilings, however, can be tricky. Typical lamps can offer localized light, but do nothing by using height and opening space. Torches or torch lamps are a common option. Basements tend to feel dark and damp, partly due to the lack of natural light and partly because they are naturally humid areas in your home due to the concrete absorbing moisture from the floor. Bright lighting helps keep away the darkness, and you do not have to break your budget.

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Basements often have lower ceilings than the other levels of the house. If your basement has a finished ceiling between 6 and 8 feet high, it may be ideal for torch-style lamps. An additional advantage of this method is that it does not require additional wiring. Select floor lamps, which picked up the covers that aim the light up, and use tube-type halogen lamps. These lamps create bright white light that reflects off a finished, light-colored ceiling and bounce off the ceiling and walls to illuminate the room. Start with one in each corner and add more if necessary. You can create a similar effect with adjustable head foot lamps if the heads can be directed to the walls and ceiling. This creates the lighting effect of the track.

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