Track Light Fixtures To The Living Room

Track Light Fixtures Style

Track light fixtures consist of several lights tied in a single circuit, with the light fixtures in a straight line attached to a track. Track lighting is often found in a large room, such as a living room, as it can provide more light than a single can lamp. A do it yourself homeowner with intermediate skills can install track lighting to himself, but anyone who is not used to making electrical connections should hire help.

Disconnect the power supply of the existing ceiling light in the main electrical panel of your house. Enter the living room and test the circuit by turning the light switch and off. Loosen the existing track light fixtures and slowly lower it from the ceiling. If the device is heavy, get some help with this. Unscrew the caps of the plastic connectors that hold the wires that go from the electrical box to the cables running from the light installation and test the bare wire with a voltage tester to make sure the equipment is turned off. Untangle the cables.

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Then for add track light fixtures to the living room. Place the cable connector on the cables that go from the ceiling. The cable connector plugs into the track and provides electricity for the lights. Connect the black wire to the black wire and the white wire to the white wire, twisting together with the plastic plugs of the connector. Fix the green or bare ground wire to the mounting plate if the plate is made of metal; otherwise, attach it to the connection box on the roof.

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