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Domed ceilings, which are created by a series of arches, make rooms feel larger and more spacious. The domed ceiling, which has been used since the discovery of the basic arch in ancient Egypt. Is still used in modern architecture to call more light into a room and make the space seem more open. The first domed ceilings were barrel domes, a style that is still used today. But over time, the architects invented and perfected different types of domed ceilings.

The first type of dome used in architecture is the simplest form of domed ceiling. A barrel dome is formed by a continuous section of arches that are built one after the other to cover a three-dimensional space. A barrel dome should be supported by thick walls with limited openings. Which means that a room built with a barrel dome roof cannot keep the windows large or frequent.

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An arched dome is formed when two barrel domes intersect at right angles. The arched domed ceiling style, which was discovered by Roman architects, allowed new innovations in architecture because the arched dome rests on four pillars instead of just two. Due to this, the walls that support a dome of edge do not have to be so big and only need the support on which the dome is supported, which allows more windows. Dome Rib. Made of the intersection of two or three barrel domes is the ribbed dome. The support arches of ribbed domes are often carved or decorated to make them more noticeable. The ribbed dome functions in the same way as the dome edge, distributing the weight of the roof in four corners of support, allowing large windows near the roof.

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