Unique Interior Home Space With Antler Chandelier

Hang Antler Chandelier

Widely reviled during the reign of minimalism, antler chandelier are used today frequently in the decoration of all kinds of environments. And it is thanks to the fusion of current styles , that the same mixes an ethnic piece with an ultra contemporary, a worn wood with a micro cemento floor  or a rustic table with some methacrylate chairs , the truth is that this type of lamps have made furor on the roofs of all types of houses.

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Although like all fashion that returns, it never does as before and for that reason nowadays these ultra clasico atmospheres no longer take to the palace style where these lamps found their natural habitat. Today the antler chandelier are reinterpreted in a more modern style or the same classic lamps of the time are used but in contemporary or classic renewed environments, as we show in this post.

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The classic antler chandelier usually has several branches or “tentacles”, imitating the legs of a spider facedown. Most incorporate rhinestones to a greater or lesser degree and are usually in black or transparent (bright colors are intended for more modern versions). In addition, there are options with tulips that sift the light or without them, and with candelabras seen or with hidden bulbs in the internal area.