Unique Open Ceiling Basement

Dark Open Ceiling Basement

Finished basements are one of the best ways to add space of value to a house. There are many different options in the basement ceiling available to choose from. In fact, there are so many open ceiling basement options that it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your home. One of the simplest types of roof is the style of painted open floor joists. This may seem great, especially in old houses with large floor beams.

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This also works well when a basement has low ceilings. Or when the homeowner needs easy access to the plumbing or wiring that often extends through the basement ceiling. One of the most unique open ceiling basement is the use of panels or siding. These can come in individual sheets or boards that are often tongue and groove style or clicks in a certain way. An advantage of this basement ceiling option is the wide variety of options. Wood or vinyl is common materials and most can be paint to any color.

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For homeowners who want their basement to feel like the rest of their home drywall is one of the best options in open ceiling basement. Gypsum board is such a common building material that it can be cheap and easy to have a contractor install. The disadvantage of drywall is that it is not mean to be remove. So it can be difficult to access the public services that run behind it.