Unusual Wall Murals Ideas

Beautiful Unusual Wall Murals

Unusual wall murals – A teen bedroom should be decorated to reflect his personality. If your teen wants an artistic look in her bedroom decor, choose to paint a mural. The idea of ​​creating a work of art on your teen bedroom wall can be a little scary, but even if it’s the first time you paint a mural, there’s no need to be doubtful. With some technical knowledge, anyone can paint a mural that will have everyone thinking a professional did it.

Use warm water, mild detergent and a sponge to remove dirt, grease or dust from the unusual wall murals. Allow the wall to dry thoroughly for a few hours. Ask your teenager to find an image she wants to paint on her wall. Possible sources of inspiration include greeting cards, postcards, newspapers or posters. Use a ruler and a soft pen to make even lines of horizontal lines and vertical lines so that you end up with a grid that is made up of equal squares.

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Draw a grid on the unusual wall murals using the same technique as Step 3, but make your boxes larger scale. Use a ruler or a measure to keep the lines straight. The goal is to create a grid that has the same number of squares as your image. Make sure the wires on your grid are straight with one level. Tape your image on the wall above the area where you have your grid. Matching the two pictures can help you recreate the same design on the wall. Use a soft pen to restore the image to the larger grid using the image as your guide. Draw the image on the wall, the square goes through the square until the mural is finish.

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