Very Easy Under Bed Storage Drawers

King Under Bed Storage Drawers

To make project you will first have to sand drawers and paint them to give them a more current look. Then fix wheels with screws to base and place them centered. You will have your under bed storage drawers to keep sheets, clothes or whatever you need. If you want you can change handles and put some more modern, or paint them a metallic color.

We may not have any furniture to get rid of at home, but we like idea of adding under bed storage drawers. This DIY can also be made with wooden boxes that we can make ourselves. From Teal and lime you can see how easy it is to make boxes using a few wooden planks. Rest will be same: paint and put wheels. We have already seen how we can replace drawers with wooden boxes, but there is another possibility. It can be done in a big way. Time to make a bed with drawers below what we can do is a bed with a shelf underneath.

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We take an old bookcase and follow same process: paint and put wheels. In this case shooters will have to be bigger because they will pull everything out by pulling them. It is important to put more than four wheels to distribute weight better and look for them to be good to make sure they turn well. With this last idea under bed storage drawers will increase enormously, and it will do it without occupying us “useful” space of our room.

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