Very Easy Way To Get Bathroom Storage Drawers

Bathroom Storage Drawers Color

Today in here we have compiled a few DIY ideas bathroom storage drawers that we have liked and can serve as inspiration to give a new touch to our bathroom. The first proposal could be to take advantage of old doors as decorative elements, and turn them into blackboards, screens, screens … What you should do to get the first example is to paint the door with slate paint and leave written messages on it, fun is not it? Do you believe?

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While in the second example what has been done is to reuse an old door with glass, remove the glass and use it as a separator of spaces that, at the same time, allows hanging different items (baskets for storage, towels, etc.) in its holes, what do you think? And since we mentioned thebathroom storage drawers, why not create our own shelves? One option would be to recycle wooden boxes, varnishing them or painting them and fixing them on the wall. We would get very flashy and practical shelves right?

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Another very easy way to have our own bathroom storage drawers could be to use the typical wooden tool box with its strap and hang it from two hangers that we have in the bathroom, as we see in the previous image. A simple idea but if the box is beautiful it would be a result, do not you think?