Very Elegant Jenn Air Microwave Drawer

Best Jenn Air Microwave Drawer

The jenn air microwave drawer is one of the essential appliances in the kitchen and, each time, the devices are smaller and more sophisticated. It is usually 59 cm wide, but depending on its capacity the sizes that are found in the market also vary. Fitting it is usually not easy and to find the best place you have to keep in mind that it is at hand and at a practical height to be able to put in and take out the dishes.

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If we have space next to put the dishes is a very practical solution. In this case, it is recommended to put a strip of light under the furniture so that the area is well lit. The steel jenn air microwave drawer are very elegant and do not detract in any kitchen, not even one as elegant as this one, of gray tone, that plays with the copper in the tap and the ice bucket.

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Putting the jenn air microwave drawer in a cabinet like the one in the picture, directly on the countertop, is an optimal solution. As in our gallery picture below, we have a good surface to put the dishes or remove them and no space is lost. It is a short microwave, so you can take advantage of a shelf at the top.