Very Practical And Useful 3 Drawer Plastic Storage

3 Drawer Plastic Storage Black

The 3 drawer plastic storage boxes are a very practical and useful option, both to store clothes and avoid dust, as well as to store all kinds of objects and equipment in bathrooms, kitchens, garages and storage rooms. There is a wide variety of plastic storage boxes and the choice of model and features will be closely linked to the space where the box will be placed and its purpose.

3 drawer plastic storage boxes for clothes. This type of boxes usually have great width but little height since they are designed to be kept under the bed; For this reason and so that they can be handled easily, they are usually equipped with wheels . This type usually has a lid, since in this way once closed you avoid the entry of dust, dirt and insects. When storing clothes in a box, you can increase the storage capacity by using the vacuum valve covers.

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Multi-purpose boxes. In this category there is a great variety, you can find them with and without a lid and in different sizes. The boxes without wheels are easily stackable safely so they are a good storage option in storage rooms. Another type of boxes that you can find are 3 drawer plastic storageboxes for fruit and vegetables whose sides usually have the shape of a grid to help the air circulation and fruit and vegetables are kept in good condition.

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