Very Simple Wall Decorating Stencils

Bedroom Wall Decorating Stencils

Today we will decorate walls with birds, butterflies and other designs, in a very simple way, using templates. The wall decorating stencils is a creative way to decorate walls. Look what beautiful ideas! The stencil or stencil is a craft technique by which we can paint drawings on the walls achieving a mural finish. What we need are templates, which are printed or copied (with the trick of tracing the screen) and then cut into acetate, x-ray plates or recycled plasticized cardboard.

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Wall decorating stencils is one of the most beautiful and also easiest ways to decorate walls. What we need is a drawing, a cutter and acetate, which can be an x-ray film. We can also use many recycled materials to use them as a base to cut the shapes. To apply the technique of stenciling, place the plastic on the wall, secure it with tape and paint the perforated section using a roller, a sponge or a round brush.

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Wall decorating stencils can be the solution for walls, and we can use them in all rooms of the house. The designs: infinite! Not only can we buy stencil but we can also make them ourselves. By hand or taking advantage of any of the many programs and app that exist for it. Flowers, linear designs, shapes, letters, phrases … the list can continue as much as you want!