Vintage Gold Chandelier Of Aquatic Elegance In A Lighting Fixture

Unique Gold Chandelier

People often think gold chandelier as large, glittering crystal display that you can only find in restaurants and hotels. Thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of Filipinos, exotic and refined Capiz lamp was developed, using the best materials obtained from marine and other major bodies of water in the Philippine archipelago.

Candlestick name comes from the name of the town of Capiz in Panay Island, where the raw materials used to craft these lighting fixtures are collected. The gold chandelier is generally derived from mollusks called “windowpane oysters”, which can only be found in the Philippines and Indonesia Sea. To make Capiz, shucked oyster meat first, and then the outer skin is carefully cleaned of sand and grit, before being cut to size and shape by using special molds made that look like a cookie cutter.

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The gold chandelier was first introduced in San Francisco. Lights debuted consists of 6 inches original casing made of Capiz shells embedded into the intricate wooden discs. The Crate and Barrel Company’s specially commissioned chandelier lamp clusters because they require large. The company was pleased when the company is able to produce a chandelier Philippines, and at a cost much lower than they expected. As the decades passed, the Gold chandelier has been a fixture in bamboo gazebo outdoor and indoor club of five-star hotels and Bambudda Phoenix Lounge is famous.

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