Wagon Wheel Chandelier For Western Decor

Large Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wagon Wheel Chandelier – Looking at the trends in home decor nowadays, the increasing demand for western furniture is on the rise which only means that western themed homes are steadily gaining popularity as well. When we think of western decoration, images of the chairs and tables are made of unfinished wood, bar stools made of weathered iron and such. That is exactly what the western theme is all about. If this is the current theme in your home or if you are thinking of changing it to a western style, why not kick it up a notch and use a wagon wheel chandelier?

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Wagon wheel chandelier is becoming more and more popular because one, it is very simple that you can even do it yourself and two, it is very cheap compared to glass or crystal chandeliers. Basically, what you will be using for a wagon wheel chandelier is, as the name suggests, a wagon wheel. On the circumference of the wheel, you have the freedom to attach light bulbs, and other decorations such as horses or carriages.

This wagon wheel chandelier is commonly placed in study rooms, libraries and porches. Because of their rugged appeal, it is a little bit hard to incorporate if you do not have a western theme at home. Overall though, this type of home decor allows for more light, is very easy to do even by yourself, and is even more fun to decorate with the family. You could either get a wagon wheel from a local thrift shop, or you could also have your own customized by a carpenter. If you are good in woodworking, you can even make your own from scratch!

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