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Wall Light Fixtures – The lamps that are installed on the wall are usually called wall sconces and are an excellent way to give personality to the lighting of a room. In this guide, we will see how to replace a wall lamp or apply for a new lamp. When changing a lamp in this way, you may find that the mounting bracket of the electrical box of the new lamp is different.

First things first. Before performing any repair on an electrical circuit, you must ensure that the power is off. Turn off the circuit power switch. To do this, go to the electrical service panel and remove the fuse or turn off the circuit breaker of the power supply. Turn off the electric wall switch of the wall light fixtures. If there is a possibility that another person will turn on the switch while you are working. Remove the existing lamp.

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You may have to remove a cover to access the wall light fixtures installation screws. Observe the existing mounting bracket and the new bracket. They are usually of two types. The first is a kind of round plate. When you have removed the old bracket, install the new bracket and secure it with screws. If your support is like the one shown in the figure, you can see that the central area of ​​the support houses a threaded post with a decorative lid on its end.

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