Warm And Welcoming Wooden Kitchen Table

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One of the current trends in lounge furniture and kitchen are rustic wooden kitchen table. In the past they were also fashionable and most of them were large pine, with huge legs and very heavy. Now this style comes completely renovated with a Provencal air. The tables now are solid wood, strong and robust, but much more linear and modern. They provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room, but when combined with chairs of totally different styles, a modern fusion is created that captivates everyone who sees it.

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The contrast of using chairs of models and materials totally different or opposed to wood is a game that always wins. The large rustic wooden kitchen table combines with any type of style, as long as the set of materials and colors is appropriate. I have seen houses with very modern kitchen furniture that used this Provencal table to eat with white chairs, although the result is also great with an integral rustic decoration.

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If you are not very daring it is always better to play with clear tonalities and not risk the prints. The rustic wooden kitchen table can be found in many ways, from the polished ones that are totally smooth and without imperfections to the purest ones where we can see the cracks of the wood with all their naturalness.