Why Rockfon Ceiling Tiles?

Cloud Rockfon Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon ceiling tiles business unit specializing in acoustic ceilings. It is committed to correct acoustic absorption with the aim of improving student performance. If education is a key factor for the development of society and the country. Acoustic comfort is more than key in schools since high levels of noise and poor environmental acoustics have a very negative effect. On the quality of education and the learning capacity of the students. Causing the students not to hear up to 70% of the consonants pronounced by their teachers.

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False rockfon ceiling tiles have many benefits, such as reducing noise pollution. Hiding wiring lines and pipes and reducing wasted heated space. Which therefore leads to saving money on heating and cooling costs. The new versions of false ceilings are easy to install and repair, making the roof solution an easy task for most homeowners.

Acoustic rockfon ceiling tiles, with rock wool core, are the best solution to face the new challenges that arise in schools: Acoustic absorption: our ceilings offer the best acoustic comfort of the market, complying with the regulation DB-HR Noise Protection developed by the Ministry of Housing.  Safety: light panels that facilitate the installation and safety of your students as well as resistance to wear and impacts. Quality: our products can be subjected to extreme climatic conditions without changing their appearance or losing their properties. For this reason, its useful life is high and enjoy a 15-year warranty. Freedom of design: wide decorative options without giving up the best properties of the product.

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