Wine Kitchen Decor Sets With Charm

Cool Wine Kitchen Decor Sets

Whether you are just an amateur or you point sommelier ways, store them appropriately generating a corner with charm. We are very concerned about having enough room to store food in the kitchen; however we do not always foresee allocating a corner for wine bottles, some of which need a special temperature for their conservation. Wine kitchen decor sets bar is one of the most advisable options for those who want to store the wine at an ideal temperature, that is, between 5-18º and at an air humidity of between 65-75 percent.

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For this, it is not necessary to have a large kitchen. In a space of 60 cm wide you can place a wine kitchen decor sets cellar in a high cupboard, like the one in the picture. In them it is possible to store about forty bottles and up to eighty when it occupies the entire closet. As a cherry, nothing better than having the drink set close by. In the market there are several brands that market this type of appliance, which also gives a very professional appearance to the kitchen.

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It can often be installed as a complement to the refrigerator. Another solution is to dedicate a zone in the cupboards of the wine kitchen decor sets, in which we will have all the necessary utensils: glasses, ice bucket, decanter, bottle opener … and, of course, the bottles, which can be placed horizontally in a wooden grid, like this.