Wonderful Painted Wood Ceilings Color

Blue Painted Wood Ceilings

The painted wood ceilings are beautiful architectural accents that always add interest to any space. Regardless of whether you have simple planks or beams. In addition, this type of roof, unlike those that are made of other materials. Protect from the entrance of heat in summer and cold in winter. Of course, when it comes to decorating rooms that have this detail it is important to take into account different aspects.

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As for the colors, it is advisable to balance the painted wood ceilings with the use of light tones, from white to beige or bone colors. So that the room does not seem too small and dark. On the other hand, it is allow to mix several wood tones , although always limiting to two per room.

Thus, as in general, the painted wood ceilings are much darker than we are use to. The ideal is that we try to reflect the light so as not to visually dwarf the room. The best way to achieve this is by painting the walls an immaculate white color. And / or placing mirrors on the walls. In addition, with this tonality you will be able to highlight the ceiling even more and enlarge the space.

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